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Women's World Fitness Center
2000 Huntington Dr.
San Marino, CA 91108

Sun: 7:30am to 3pm
Mon-Thurs: 5:30am to 10pm
Fri: 5:30am to 9pm
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“I’ve suffered from back pain for years but with the help and guidance from Women’s World, I am now pain free, able to walk upright and enjoy an active lifestyle!”
– Grace W.

“I have been a member of Women’s World for over 10 yrs and I love coming here. Arlene is my personal trainer and she knows exactly the areas for me to work on. The environment is great and we feel like one big family. There are lots of programs and classes during the week to choose from. We are very fortunate to have WW in our community. It feels like a second home to me.”
– Belinda Y.

“In 2012 I was overweight and had been out of shape for ten years when I had to have two hip surgeries and the weight came off leaving me a skinny mess at the age of 70. By January 2015 I finally took charge of myself and got a personal trainer at Women’s World Fitness Center. I was there twice a week with Kerri, no excuses, until the last week of November when I slipped on ice in the Eastern High Sierras landing on my left ischium (sit bone) fracturing my pelvis. After nearly three painful months in a hospital, I returned to my home and to Kerri at Women’s World three times a week with no plan of quitting. As I write this in May of 2016, I can walk unaided, sometimes a little wonky, but otherwise I appear as if nothing happened, but it has been a difficult time.

Doctors can only do so much for us and then we must take over. Had I not made the effort to strengthen and tone my body all last year, certainly today I would be telling a different story still needing a cane, if not a walker. I am not ready for that, not if I can help it. Now more than ever it is vitally important that I maintain in charge of myself.
– P.B.

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